View Full Version : Top 200 faction looking for a merge

05-24-2013, 02:24 PM
USA#1, consistently a top 200 faction, is looking to merge with another top 250 faction or lower. We are looking to take the top 8-12 players from a different faction and bring them to our own. We know factions are needing more and more points to keep moving up, so we are dropping dead weight and looking for strong, active players who can help us move up.

No gold is required, although any gold usage would be nice. We do require all members to donate 20% of their IPH. We also have a 15% building output boost so each member really is only donating 5% of their income. We also require you to score at least 20k WD points per war. If you will be unavailable during a war, that is alright, just let us know ahead of time and you will be excused.

Our faction boosts are:
Health regen time: -25%
Ground attack: +5%
Infantry attack: +10%
Infantry defense: +30%
Ground defense: +20%
Air defense: +20%
Sea defense: +15%
Building Defense: +25%
Building output: +15%
Guild member increase: +26

If you are interested, please pm and we can discuss this further.

05-25-2013, 04:00 PM
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