View Full Version : Looking for a stable active fun team? We got it. Guaranteed top 250 - #161 Columbia

05-24-2013, 05:15 PM
391642655 Nordic Gods Marching
Legendary finish in every battle in history in order from Brazil to Columbia:
#56, 62, 234, 207, 196, 161 in Columbia.
Our world wide team has 25% Vikings, 25% German, 20% USA and the rest Russia, Asia, South America.
Half our team has been here since the beginning in this faction.
We listen to our team on faction decisions and upgrades.
We promote high point producers to Officer.
We have a blast in battle.
If you have Viking spirit join NGM.
If you want a seriously productive faction where everyone contributes join NGM.
If you meet or exceed our requirements join NGM.
Requirements )))------> 20,000 battle points
attack & defense )))------> 80k
daily donations )))------> $3M
why will you join )))------> fun, prize units, fellowship
My faction boost 22k attack, 44k defense at 150k/220k strength.
Enjoy event tips and event competition with our top members.
Half of our team uses gold so gold members will not be alone.
This faction has wise and stable leadership with no surprises.
We don't kick a lot of players only the ones who don't make an
effort but we are selective on new members.
Join our select company if you are good and want to be better.
Those top 250 prizes are a huge boost that are yours to keep.
Apply at the gate by using the faction code at the top and an officer will ask a few questions.
Or send a private message to me so we can talk.
2 openings right now so get your Viking raider helm and pound on the door and your in like Thor!

05-24-2013, 08:36 PM
Hi, my name is jesse. I would like to join your faction. I have 40k stats and i am a very active player. I donate a lot and i get an average of 30k world domination points. Even though my stats are not what you are looking for, they will skyrocket very quickly. thank you.

05-24-2013, 10:32 PM
Sorry Jesse, the factions we face in battle there are rare opportunities under 50,000 defense. That is the reason we have the minimum attack requirement.