View Full Version : Top 100 seeking High def leader. No need to play, laze around and win!!

05-28-2013, 05:04 AM
We are currently seeking a high stat defensive leader for our top 100 faction. Named Australia. Need at least 350k to 400k defense. If you will be traveling or unable to participate in war, this is the faction for you! Sit back and reap the rewards!
Faction info:
AUSTRALIA top 100 faction
ranked 99 in Columbia -
Faction code:710637224
Casualty rate: -5%
Health Regen -26%
Ground Attack- 10%
Air Attack - +5%
Infantry Attack +15%
Sea Attack +5%
Infantry Defense +30%
Ground Defense +30%
Air Defense +30%
Sea Defense +25%
Building Defense +30%
Building Output +20%
Guild Increase +28