View Full Version : Move up or Move Down Top 500-750 Faction 38 Members.

05-28-2013, 01:51 PM
If your are in a top 1,000 faction looking to move up, or are looking to move down a bit to avoid the stress consider specOps. We are a 38 member faction with three openings. We placed top 500 in the first three battle and recently were in the 580's in Ireland.

We are looking for active players who would like to contribute. We are a stable faction with both free and gold players. (Gold is not required). If you have def/attack stats of 50K or more give us a try. We have many defense bonsues plus 10% infanrty attack, 26% health regen, and 5% money output. (500 million in the bank looking for your input on where to spend it).

Invite code is 636100125. Join us or PM me for additional information.