View Full Version : In Top 1500?

05-28-2013, 11:24 PM
Go ahead and play it safe....here's what you will miss by not joining the 48th:

1640 Attack increase, 1874 defense increase, +1% infantry Attack, +1 valor, +3% ground Attack. And that is just the rewards for finishing in The Top 500 while you stay stay idle in the game. Be adventurist and find out the benefit of being a part of a well organized, competitive group. We WILL finish Top 500. We MAY get back to Top 250 with the addition of committed team players.

Other bennies: +10% ground attack, +10% air attack, +10% infantry attack, +30% ground defense, +20% air defense, +20% sea defense, +30% building defense, +20% building output, 22% health regen.

7 slots...for the right individuals who finally realize it is time to make a move outside of their comfort zone.

You've never seen me write that I've "cut the dead weight". I've cut, but only players who fail to support the team...and usually that is a slow burn for me.

Take a chance....if you participate and communicate you'll have a great time....guaranteed.

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