View Full Version : Top 250 syndicate looking for active players to fill last few spots!!!!!

05-30-2013, 07:32 AM
We are a top 250 syndicate with over 70 bonuses looking to fill a few recently opened spots due to inactivity. I am looking for ACTIVE members.. We are an extremely dedicated group and want all of our members to be just as dedicated .. All I require is a daily donation, no minimum and activity, NO SLACKERS!!!

Bonuses Include:

Fight Respect Payout. +25%
Jobs Payout. +15%
Car Attack. + 5%
Car Defense. +25%
Building Output. +25%
Melee Attack. +15%
Melee. Defense. +25%
Gun Attack. + 5%
Gun Defense. +25%
Armor Attack. +20%
Armor Defense. +20%
Explosive Attack. +10%
Explosive Defense. + 25%
Hideout Health. +15%
Hideout Damage +10%
Influence Increase. +10%
Syndicate Member Inc. +30

If you're a dedicated player that's stuck in a syndicate that's going nowhere, join my syndicate and immediately reap the benefits of all our bonuses with a guaranteed major prize.. If you're interested, message me and I will reply

Faye Valentine
05-30-2013, 04:06 PM
back up to the top.