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05-30-2013, 11:11 AM
We have had some weird people try and join us... Perhaps they just can't read (but i genuinely think thats paying them too much of a compliment!).

And then there are the people that are clearly having issues with number blindness, level 100+ doesnt mean level 1 or 10, I put those extra noughts on for a reason... If I ask for a commitment of 50K per month, 5K will not do, okay? Anyway, they make the day pass with a smile, so i shouldnt really complain.

Anyway, new recruitment requirements.

1. Be human
2. Be normal
3. Have an IQ of 100 or more - might take 90+ at a push (depends on your stats)
4. Hopefully if you fulfill 1 to 3, you might even have some cash for a little gold.

Okay, youve got this far, things are looking up...

5. Level 100 (that must be in Modern War, not Hello Kitty or something equally unrelated)
6. 2000+ Troops you can call to battle (no, that doesnt include your followers on Twitter)
7. 130,000+ Attack and Defence stats - yep, thats 4 noughts on the end, double check yours...
8. 500+ Allies (yes, 499 is fine...)
9. Willing to sign up to our website - so only those that can type need apply.
10. Willing to download and install our free instant messaging and chat room app (no its not for dating or porn)
11. Most important, commit to 50K of WD points each month (we even tell you which targets to hit and take out the walls and defence leaders for you)
12. Be nice, join chat rooms, swap hints and tips or just learn from us... but most important, enjoy yourself.

Well, if you survived that marathon, you could have the potential we are looking for... So what are we all about?

We are currently placed at 133rd in the Columbia league table. The trend is continuing upwards and as a faction we have implimented a FAIR policy. We all commit to a minimum of 50K... there is no pressure on anyone to get more than that. Okay some always blitz that, so if you are likeminded, you will have plenty to keep you on your toes!

The Faction has 44 slots and some pretty impressive bonuses for a laid back faction;-

Health Regen +18%
Ground Attack +5%
Ground Defence +20%
Air Defence +15%
Infantry Attack +5%
Infantry Defence +30% (Max)
Sea Defence +10%
Building Defence +25%
Building Output +10%

Currently looking to fill four slots having made a couple of redundancies and expanded a little. Are you passionate enough to join us? If you are, you'll need this:-

Invite Code 655601216

Speak to you on the 'other side'!