View Full Version : M4A1 - Top 100 Syndicate is recruiting!

05-30-2013, 07:08 PM
My syndicate is M4A1. Some reasons you should join us are:

-Top 25 in PVP, midtown and market plaza

-Lost some top scoring gold spenders to top 10 teams but still ended up 153rd in packer heights

-Gold spenders came back within hours of packer heights ending

-Placed 93rd in china town even though a bunch of members were playing MW event that weekend

-Goal is top 50 for docks

-We're fun and very organized


-10 x IPH donation/day til we max out (96% there)

-Be active in game and on our online forums

-No gold required

-Have fun

Send me a PM or reply here with stats. Will send invite code after reviewing with officers.