View Full Version : 12 hrs to go and a few spots left for members to grow together

05-30-2013, 10:48 PM
We have a few spots left 33/38. We ended top 1,500 on the last battle and with your help we will not be less than top 1,000 or even 750 in the next battles round.

We are currently accepting new ACTIVE participants. if you are looking for new home, you're welcome to join # 390 544 639, my mob id #809 275 296. we have male and female, married and single members spread all over the world including North America, UK, Asia and others

We don't need need you to use gold and you can donate at your own pace.

my mob id #809 275 296
Syndicate: 390 544 639
The Bully boys

Fight rsepect: +25%
Jobs Payout: 15%
Car Defense 25%
Building Output: 25%
Melee Attack: 5%
Melee Defense: 25%
Gun Defense: 25%
Armor Attack: 10%
Armor Defense: 20%
Explosive Defense: 15%
Building Defense: 25%
HideOut Health: 5%
Syndicate member +18

05-31-2013, 04:43 AM
Time is running.