View Full Version : New Faction started! Come join the F-BOMBZ

06-01-2013, 12:47 PM
New Faction started! Come join the F-BOMBZ, a sister faction to the F-BOMBS.

Do you have a new account or secondary LLP? Come sit here and enjoy faction bonuses in your single player pursuits while we build the roster. I have purchased 3 already with my HLP account. A couple guys from our pro team will be dropping down to donate money to help purchase bonuses. You can build up your player and then join the pro team They are no rules here just come and sit. I would just ask that you donate here and there. Eventually I will bring this team to WD so our LLPs can get lower tier bonuses. Thanks Faction invite code 485.953.196

Current Faction Bonuses:
•Infantry Defense: +5%
•Building Defense: +5%
•Guild Member Increase: +2