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06-02-2013, 10:47 AM
So there is a lot of funny humorous things people have posted unfortunately they are probably buried under numerous threads.

If there was something that someone posted that made you smile or laugh post it here.

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You can also paste multiple quotes in one post.
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Lets bring on the laughs.

06-02-2013, 11:09 AM
This just in from the Daily Planet

Gree has lost a mayjor class action lawsuit against them by the many players of Kingdom Age.

The players unhappy with the way the game is going they say that the game is becoming less fun to play and for some reason no matter how hard they try they just can't stop playing or spending money on gems.*

A few have been reported by previous family members of how they lost their loved one to the game constantly muttering "My Precious My precious" as they continually buy mountains of gems.

Many have lost their homes family and friends to this relentless game.

There has been careful investigation to determine if their is some sort of mind control programed into the game.

Ex Cia director Smith, had no comments as to his employment with Gree and wether he had implemented the old CIA Mind Kontol project into the game.*

The Judge Magoo was the first judge after multiple attempts of a class action lawsuit against Gree by the players, to rule in their favor. Is is reported that he was imune to the effects of the Mind Kontrol used by Agent smith while being questioned. Some ponder if it is due to the fact he is legally blind without the glasses he refuses to wear.

Gree must now change thier name to Gree'd.
Gree'd must also pay for treatments of any players requesting it, by Arkham Asylum, for the use of Mind Kontrol on the players. Symptoms are known to be:
The repetative mention of the words "My Precious"
The inability to stop purchasing mountains of gems.
The inability to stop playing the game.

Unfortunately most players have not requested the services provided by Arkham Asylum.

We have interviewed a few players.
Anonymous " I don't know whats wrong with me I am starting to hate the game i complain about it all the time i say i am gonna quit but i just keep playing "
Anonymous" I said i would not purchase any more gems from Kingdom Age till they fix issues in the game but i just keep saying 'My Precious' as i buy more mountains of gems. It's like somthing is in controll of me"

From Gree'd formaly known as Gree
"We weren't worried in the least they keep complaining, but obviously they like it cause our number keep going up. They say they will quit if we make more quests non stop and make wars longer than three days. According to our market analysis it shows, what they really mean is they want to war every weekend and they are just kiding with us they love the game.

This epidemic has spread across the world. Is there no hope.

There is one person that has been reported to have stoped playing Kingdom Age. When we asked how he did it, he said " It was simple I just started playing Crime City and Modern War.

Umm, can you wake the server guys up to flip the switch so we can play again.

The answer was just given:
This epidemic has spread across the world. Is there no hope.

They turned the Servers Off .....haha all of our problems are fixed ..the crowd of 1 goes Wild ...Arm pumping air with Jaubalation !

Pretty funny thanks.

06-02-2013, 11:35 AM
And the award goes to.....

Please provide as much information as you can folks when reporting these guys to support (screen shots, invite codes etc). All reports get investigated and are taken seriously.

We appreciate the involvement many of you have taken in hunting down cheaters and reporting them to us.



Pure comedy genius ;)

06-02-2013, 06:36 PM
This thread is predicated on a false premise. The funniest post can't possibly have been read because I haven't written it yet...I am a little busy...I'll get to it eventually...maybe...sorry (sort of).

06-02-2013, 08:39 PM
If I were a Gree CEO I'd be too busy snorting coke off of the chest of hookers on my private yacht to care what you think.

I liked this one

06-06-2013, 01:46 PM
The real story behind the Orphic Odyssey going down.

My game shows this as active, but nothing is showing in my quests. Has this loaded for anyone yet?

Yes there is a delay between quests and even tho it says active it isn't but a good way to make sure it is not just you is to come here ( be aware of the jokers tho that will pull your leg and say they are almost done or something ridiculous is normally a clue that they are joking hehe)

The first stage you have to raid ten lvl 5 or higher manors from someone between the levels 127 to 150. So, if you're in that level range, do us all a favor and leave your manors uncollected.

Beta tester told me the exact same thing, but he said level 2 manor and up. Weird? So let's all help each other and don't collect any of your manors in case it includes level 1 also.

Did a search for Orphic Odyssey and ended up with Space Funk Odyssey by Orphic in Google search some pretty amazing music. Thanks Gree for posting the event early enjoying some good tunes.

Can you play it backwords to see if there are any hidden messages about how to start the LTE?

I think the boss will be a David Bowie avatar.

After playing the music backwards and enjoying some high grade mushrooms I took a nice ride through Rivers Bend to Shipwreck Cove and there you can see the Orphic Odyssey lays broken on the beach. The Kraken, Ocean Giant and Fishman are hard at hard at work repairing the Odyssey for a proper launch. So right now just enjoying some Dwarf ale and shroom shakes with my toes in the sand. Will let you know when they are done with the repairs. Or you folks are more than welcome to join me plenty of shroom shakes and good tunes to go around. From the rivers bend go straight through the Devil's doorway and take a right at the Dragon's Roost. I recommend holding off on the shroom shakes till after you have passed the Devil's Doorway some bad vibes in there.

Hey, that is not fair. You are getting a head start!

Ah after some investigating we have found the name of the person responsible for the crashing of the Orphic Odyssey. The question everyone is asking, Who is John Galt. Anyone leading to the capture of this elusive person will be granted a special unit that allows a head start on any quest that is not working for anyone else.

Ah yes, the well known Promethean Titan, 1957/1957

Must have been below deck drinking with Ragnar Danneskj÷ld. Cheeky fellas... the unit will likely be made of Rearden Metal and provide a 20% reduction in your opponent's ability to loot your buildings.

ok done - great post by the way TempusDA

Hehe Nice follow up Ruger. Ragnar Danneskj÷ld and John Galt are formidable foes I am sure Loki was sneaking around in the back ground as well creating mischief. I would like to place an order for a full fleet of unit made of Rearden Metal would be a nice addition. :)

More to come during the next intermission between quests.