View Full Version : Eff The System (Formally RobertPL) TOP 400 SYNDICATE LOOKING FOR NEW ACTIVE MEMBERS!

06-03-2013, 12:45 PM
Syndicate Code: 636 820 043

Inactive people have been kicked and there is room for 7-9 people

(Looking to merge a small group with us, read the end of the post!)

We have 44 bonuses maxed not including the 12 member upgrades. All that meet the requirements below are Welcome. What we ask are as follows:

1) MUST be an MINIMUM of level 50 and have a MINIMUM Attack Lvl of 30k.

2) Must hav a MINIMUM of 500 mafia members and weapons/explosives/cars for each one (so 500 of each)

3) Must be active in syndicate events and be able to donate/use forum daily even to say hi to show daily activeness.

4) Must be able to get Palringo (Social Chat App) for iPhone/android to join in battle plans and war events and to show/post Screen shots of activeness

To apply, reply to this post and/or email me at: bigredcjp@msn.com

If you have a syndicate with 25+ members and only 5-10 of you are the only actives ones and place top 1000 of worse, then think about joining/merging with/into us, if your serious we can add more member space if needed to bring all aboard!