View Full Version : LLP needs a good home. New to CC

06-03-2013, 03:40 PM
LLP needs to land a good home. I am currently Level 12 and plan on staying low and working on my stats. A camper syndicate is right up my alley or if you prefer, I can also be used in battles when needed. I don't mind using a little gold in battles either.

My main game is Modern War so I'm always on either one. MW account is Level 188; attack and defense well in 100K's so I know how to play, just need a good home to work on my stats over a long haul. I cant donate much, but will donate what I can and all bricks.

Syndicate does need to be well organized, laid back and fun! Not up for any arrogant groups, just a cool place to chill and get stronger. I use Palringo and KIK for Modern War so if you also use these, well then that's a plus!

PM me if interested. Look forward to reading my inbox.

KILL BILL - Crime City

Sergeant - Modern War