View Full Version : Friendliest Syndicate Around! Going for top 250

06-04-2013, 12:49 PM
Hey people, do you want to join a fun friendly amazing syndicate going for top 250 or better?!
Come join Blazian Bandits. We are a fun loving crew who loves syndicate wars and love to show off our strength! We are looking for very active people with decent stats, friendly people that will communicate and follow battle plans as well as put there input in. we came in top 500 with just 6 players (we had just removed most members due to them being innactive for more then 1 war.)
we are up to 17 very active players and have room for 33 more members. Many members have been offered to join higher ranking syndicates but wont because its a family here. no harsh words ever! no being bullied or persuaded to buy gold. just have fun winning wars with us. :) send me a pm or join us right away. 881307666 is our syndicate code if you join a offier will look over your stats and decide if you are Bandit material. Stats are not hugely important, you just cannot be to weak for your level. Please this is only for players who will be active during war. oh yah, theese are the bonuses we have currently. always upgrading them though.
20% armor atk.
25% armor def.
25% building output
5% car attack
25% car def
25% defense building def
10% explosive atk.
25% explosive def
5% gun atk
25% gun def
10% hideout dmg
20% hideout health
20% job payout
15% melee atk
25% melee def
25% more respect from fights

06-04-2013, 02:20 PM
bump. Also considering mergers! syndicates with active members.