View Full Version : Respect all fear none is adding two new members! 269 in colombia! 250 this time

06-04-2013, 03:56 PM
I have said this many times......"when someone gives you a seat on a rocket ship.....get on!"...that is exactly what we are...we are about to max out the health regen fation bonus.....we all battle like our hair is on fire...we are a fun group...gold is not required... but two large gold members though and we should make top 100...we are perhaps that close...we are definitely that close to top 250 as evidence by our near miss the last event...

Right now we require

1. average daily donations of 4 x income per hour
2. 13500 wd points
3. participation in detailed battle plan
4. participation in faction website www.rafn.info

Mercenaries okay to apply...just need to make entry donation in cb and cash at start...then you leave after the war.....or if you decide you like us and you stay...this can be negotiated.

06-06-2013, 07:50 AM
We stil have two spots..get them now