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06-06-2013, 06:51 AM
Open invitation to all syndicates not using gold and feeling this is a game to enjoy not annoying and difficult work screwing up our life:

CC is a game and should be fun. The syndicate battle is just a team work, leadership strategy and coordination matters, the attack and defense stats of players donít count as much as anybody might think. My syndicate has no problem to stay in first 750 even if we do not use gold and some of my members don't have great stats. We created "The Syndicate for The Little Guy". But we are very well organized and overall lost only one battle to a syndicate ranking first 100.
Whoever we are over-stressed buy Gree scheduling this every second weekend and now just adding only 6 more days. We need some real break. Everybody in my team started feeling this game is not enjoyable anymore and is interfering too much with our real life and coming before the family and work. And this is very bad.
We decided to try finding out a way to beat up Gree at its own game and rather then adding few more players and pushing them hard to battle after battle after battle and pushing them to be active and keep in tapping and tapping on CC game, we are thinking would be better to merge few syndicates together under one umbrella and take turns at the Gree scheduled events. In this way any player would be able to play more relaxed and participate to these wars only once every month an so and still have decent gear added to his account due to syndicate wars.
We currently have very good bonuses, 60 in total, and we will start buying Influence Points increase in two weeks. We also are ahead with hideouts, have enough to cover tow incoming wars.
We can start discussions with you and see if can work out something together.
If other syndicate has better bonuses I have no problem to bring over my team, unless the syndicate name is offensive.

There is also another smart move started by D1vad. He opened up the group called The Combine Syndicates and he has an interesting view of the syndicate wars and the potential of playing it.


Tom Joad
CCID: 586-060-315
The Overlords of War, SID: 318-187-701

DeT Bob
06-06-2013, 07:49 AM
already had this idea at mw. called cartel. a lot of banning followed...

06-06-2013, 08:04 AM
already had this idea at mw. called cartel. a lot of banning followed...

Hi Bob, you mean the Combined Syndicate group idea? And Gree banning the players? I don't know what was the Cartel principle but I don't see anything wrong or against the Gree set of game and forum rules and principles here. Is just another approach of playing the syndicate game. My 2 cents , anyways.