View Full Version : 1 VACANCY! faction recruiting! (ranked 366 in Colombia)

06-06-2013, 11:50 AM
Faction name: The Real McCoys
Faction code : 910482393
We have 1 opening and looking for strong addition to help us break into Top250 in Ireland.

- Daily active player / daily donations
- Very active in war (gold not mandatory)
- AT/DF 100k+

This is a fun group, everyone welcomes new members with open arms!
We have good balance around the clock, strong teamwork, gold and free players.
Always been around Top300 tier, but we want to go higher!!!
We vastly have improved line-up after Colombia!

Faction Bonuses:
- Health Regen: -18%
- Infantry Attack: +5%
- Ground Attack: +5%
- Infantry Defense: +25%
- Ground Defense: +25%
- Air Defense: +15%
- Sea Defense: +15%
- Building Defense: +25%
- Building Output: +10%
- Guild: +20 (currently 39/40 members)

We are raising pace on donations and upgrades, so our bonuses will be even better.

PM me if you are interested:
your WD points & ranking in Colombia