View Full Version : Top 111 in Columbia!!!

06-06-2013, 04:02 PM
Szklarz team is looking for YOU!!!
Szklarz team, is consisted of light (Bank truck of gold per event), moderate (a vault of gold per event), and heavy gold players.

Here's our faction's credentials:

- Top 1567 in Battle for Brazile - world domination http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthre...t=winner+list;
- Top 292 in Battle For Greenland http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthre...-Winner-s-List
- Top 116 in Raid On Egypt http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthre...=official+list
-Top 257 in WD China http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthre...e-Winners-List
-Top 177 in WD Ireland http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthre...eland-Winners! with 1.812.898 WDP
-Top 111 in WD Columbia[/SIZE] http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthre...ferrerid=47800 with 2.772.813 WDP

- many boost on defence and attack.

We are getting more ambitious and we need you to reach the top 100 on the next WD event.

Minimum Requirements:
- Daily player (MUST participate in all events, we all work furiously)
- 60K+ Attack/Defense (the lower your level, the better)
- Able to donate in accordance with your incomes
- 50k WDPs per event.


Faction ID#: 601-589-245
Leader: Szklarz1981 ID#: 362-107-736