View Full Version : Active players wanted for Madagascar!!!

06-07-2013, 04:59 AM
Last chance to join an active faction before Madagascar starts today, we have nine spaces available so a merger is possible with a small faction or core members from your current faction.

Our requirements are above all participation, and a 2million a day minimum donation.

We do make exceptions for lower level guys who are building up their IPH, and setting up their bases if they are active in the battles and on the forum.

We have a very strong and committed Leader/Defence Leader.

Gold use within the faction is light, some use more than others, and some use none at all, it's not a requirement nor will it ever be, but if you want to use it for your personal or faction gain that's your choice.

We have finished in the top 500 once, then the top 750, and the last war was in the 800's. to stop the slide we have cleaned house and refreshed with new active members, but still have spaces to fill.

Our bonuses include-

20%,Health regen
5% Ground attack
5% infantry attack
25% infantry defence
15% ground defence
15% air defence
10% sea Defence
25% building defence
10% building output
guild increase 14

If this is of interest to you please send me a PM to discuss.

06-07-2013, 06:33 AM
One in, anymore for anymore?

06-07-2013, 09:27 AM
Last chance saloon guys, get on board before its too late.

06-07-2013, 01:10 PM
Seeking active players especially for battle of Madagascar,already have a few bonuses but need manager active player to help in the battle.

KroNikZz (790-663-983)

Any active players welcome !! :)