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06-09-2013, 04:58 AM
4x top 250 and last just out of top250 looking for loyal and active battlers, just ditched the hitchhikers and got spots open to secure top 250, but aiming to grow: join at 378 328 217 (2mil a day, 10.000infl in battle, att40k def 40k needed)

We have Lightning Lee as a leader, she is depending on loyalty and respect! We have a FB-page and an officers chat, we are a real social bunch

Open for a merging, we seek a group to join US.. we have had 20 members doing 25k+ influence topping at 100k .. we want to make THE step .. have bought TWO influence bonusses (10% now) .. we have 10 spots OPEN for a merge !! can make more available if you have more willing and good !! .. got several players with over 100k def stats and a Defense Leader with 160k

06-09-2013, 05:56 AM
IOU**need new members****

we are going to top 50

Battle for Chinatown Winners List
ranked 34 IOU 4315790
Docks Under Siege Winners List
ranked 62 IOU 3629928

1. 100k low level and high level 200k
2. 5 times donation a day
3. 500 mafia.
4. Active player
5. Point requirement is 60-100 k