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TW Turtle55555
06-10-2013, 11:41 AM
I'm a free agent looking for a new home as my old faction while a nice bunch of guys just had too many inactive players and a poor leader.

Currently I am a level 125 with 158,086A and 185,453D
5706 missions completed
16731 fights won
966 fights lost
5126 Successful Raids
14 failed raids

I am active and I spend a little bit but not huge amounts.

My Individual Bonuses: (I have two more coming with a top 750th place in Madagascar)
+6% Air Attack and Defense
+4% More Defense from Units
+14% More A/D from Ground
-2% Casualty Rate
+2% A/D from Sea
-5% Building Upgrade
+6% more A/D from Infantry
Armed Infirmary +20% casualty rate
Covert Jet +2 Energy Regen
Falcon Supersonic +2 Energy Regen
Blue Striker +2 Fight Valor
Enforcer +1 Raid Valor
Tornado Fighter +1 Raid Valor
Deadly Bridge Jumper +20% Health Regen
Warlord Seige Tank +3% Alliance attack
First Strick Tomcat +20% Health Regen
Fahad APC +3% Air Defense
Spectral Warrior +10% Infantry Attack

Please PM me as I would rather not clutter up the forums.

06-10-2013, 11:46 AM
pm sent :) ..