View Full Version : #69 People's Front of Judea, going for top50!

06-10-2013, 11:16 PM
*The Peoples front of Judea are recruiting*
Ranked #69 in Docks Rampage and going for the top50 in Red Light district, maybe even top25

What we can offer
-the prizes up to top50 spot and hopefully even more. or long term goal is top10 so it will get better and better.
-A very well organized syndicate with all superactive members and gold players. Everyone pulls their own weight and scores the required amount of point and most a lot more.
-A team of fun social people who love to help eachother get better and knows how to make the most of the game. All our members are saying within the first week that they have learned more than they have playing this game for a year and that their stats have improved drasticly.

What we are looking for

-Very active gold players with good communication
-Donations based on your IPH and what you are able to afford without slowing down your player progress
-Players who can commit to scoring 60k points

If this sounds interesting please send me a message for an informal chat :D