View Full Version : TTC recruiting ..

06-10-2013, 11:37 PM
4x top 250 and last just out of top250 looking for loyal and active battlers, just ditched the hitchhikers and got spots open to secure top 250, but aiming to grow: join at 378 328 217 (2mil a day, 10.000infl in battle, att40k def 40k needed)

We have Lightning Lee as a leader, she is depending on loyalty and respect! We have a FB-page and an officers chat, we are a real social bunch

Open for a merging, we seek a group to join US.. we have had 20 members doing 25k+ influence topping at 100k .. we want to make THE step .. have bought TWO influence bonusses (10% now) .. we have 10 spots OPEN for a merge !! can make more available if you have more willing and good !! .. got several players with over 100k def stats and a Defense Leader with 160k