View Full Version : Top 250 team looking for a few good recruits!!!

06-11-2013, 02:56 PM
Are you in a top 500 team that wants the rewards that you deserve? Have yu been involved with every battle and sick and tired of not winning the big prizes? We are a top 250 team, placed top 250, 3x and a 260 th place in Packard Heights. We have 71 bonuses and on our way to add more. Our team is dedicated to winning and We need just a few more members that are willing to battle alongside us in the upcoming battles.
Bonuses Include:

Fight Respect Payout. +25%
Jobs Payout. +15%
Car Attack. + 5%
Car Defense. +25%
Building Output. +25%
Melee Attack. +15%
Melee. Defense. +25%
Gun Attack. + 5%
Gun Defense. +25%
Armor Attack. +20%
Armor Defense. +20%
Explosive Attack. +10%
Explosive Defense. + 25%
Hideout Health. +15%
Hideout Damage +10%
Influence Increase. +10%
Syndicate Member Inc. +30

If you want that powerful item and don't think your current syndicate has the stuff to do it, send me a message with your stats and I'll get back to you...