View Full Version : Top 1000 shooting for top 750

Col Mustard
06-12-2013, 12:46 PM
Faction: AIA
Leader: Col Mustard

We are an improving faction that has gotten rid of the dead weight inactive players and are now all solid players. we averaged 18k points per player. We hope to get 4 more active player and can increase guilds if needed as we have enough for 2 guilds (4 spots) right now. PM me if you interested or just join. we don't require gold, we do require participation #1 and donations (we won't make u broke).
we do prefer 500 allies and decent attack/def stats but were flexible

-25% health regen
Infantry 20% def
Infantry 5% atk
Ground 15% def
Ground 5% atk
Air 10% def
Sea 5% def
20% building def
5% cash output
Guild +12 (have $ for 2 more if needed)