View Full Version : Top 150 faction still has seats open for active players.

Dead Ready
06-13-2013, 06:37 AM
Marine Corps Special Ops
Faction ID 655601216
We dropped almost half our faction because they were being carried by the half that's still with us. So bring your whole crew! Top 75 or better in our sights!
Ranked: Top 150
Guild Size: 44
Health Regen: -18%
Building Defense: +30%
Building output: +10%
Infantry Defense: +30%
Infantry Attack: +10%
Ground Defense: +20%
Ground Attack: +5%
Air Defense: +20%
Sea Defense: +15%
Defense Leader: 670,000+ defense and steadily rising
Communication: Faction website and chat room
Minimum req's: 50k wd points, 100k att, 100k def, 500 allies, and most of all ACTIVE
We have gained 6 new members since we dumped the freeloaders. We have a lot of good guys and like to have fun. Come check us out or pm me with any questions.

Dead Ready
06-13-2013, 08:35 AM
Seats are filling up. So don't wait. Thanks for all the pms and request so far.