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06-14-2013, 04:41 PM
ATTN: The 'F-BOMBS' - Has a few openings for a few motivated gamers who want to achieve and maintain a Top 100 spot. Its guaranteed now that our star Gold player has returned. Our only requirements are participation & communication...especially during WD. We have a mixture of gold & non-gold players but we don't require it. It doesn't matter what level or how high your stats are to us as long as your strong for your level & very active. If your looking for a tight knit, well organized, successful Faction to call home please contact Nico at:


Or apply directly with a request our invite code is 985.854.317

Please include the following info:

Your modern war game name

Alliance ID code

activity level

attack & defense stats - unboosted

Ally count

Income per hour

Sending this email is considered an application to our Faction. Only the committed with a desire to achieve need apply. All applicants will be reviewed and if accepted you'll be sent an invite.


Health Regen Time -25%

Ground Attack +5%

Infantry Attack +5%

Infantry Defense +30%

Ground Defense +20%

Air Defense +20%

Sea Defense +10%

Building Defense +20%

Building Output +15%

Guild Member Increase +20

Next Objective: Top 100

Faction Leader: Coach

Recruitment Officer: Nico