View Full Version : Both accounts gone, one after update and other hacked and stolen. Admin help please!

06-14-2013, 07:19 PM
So my crime city luck is horrible over the last 48 hours. Yesterday I log into my LLP account and he was about 10 levels higher than the day before when I went to bed, had buildings missing and others moved. Then the crazy part I go to attack someone and notice my stamina and energy are insanely high. I instantly knew something was wrong, I should have known when it took awhile to get in, I kept having to hit retry or it would start to open then crash.

Then today knowing better I updated crime city on my other device(iOS) and when I opened it my other account was gone, I'm back to level 1. I've emailed support about both of these issues immediately. Another guy I know had the same issue with the update, I would recommend to NOT update until gree resolves this.

Can an admin please help me out?