View Full Version : Discussion - what's acceptable to forum members on old threads, updates, etc

06-16-2013, 02:48 PM
There are 1950+ threads on this forum.

For me, when I have a thread that is a quick question or point that does not affect game play, but rather a tidbit of random information, I tend to delete the thread once it has achieved it's purpose.

However, there are tons of those threads that do contain a lot of information on them that are fantastically usable, great information all the way down to pointless and not needed.

BUT some of the threads, while they don't really need to be stickied, would be good to see dusted off and used again instead of making a new one.

And sometimes someone brings a thread back from the dead just because it was one they started to give statistics, an accomplishment, an announcement or the like, and they have new information about it.

So, if anyone is up for it, I'd like to discuss what is acceptable. I know the forum posting guidelines clearly states to not necro old threads. However, 26 threads on the same thing is also cumbersome, tedious and a waste of time to search through, especially if it is possible to have it all on one thread. In fact, searching would be an excellent and awesome tool if all threads stayed on topic, which is not the case.

IMHO, if a thread is on a certain subject that pertains to a matter at hand that has not only relevant information to what is being posted but also newer information that pertains to the subject at hand, then it should be allowed to be bumped to present.

06-16-2013, 02:52 PM
PLEASE NOTE: This is in no way an attempt to undermine, subjugate, supplant, substitute, or take the place of any part of the Forum Guidelines. It is not an attempt to usurp the supervision of the guidelines either.

It really is a discussion to see what people think. Heck, it may even help out in the end. I just wanted to discuss the subject.

06-16-2013, 03:07 PM
No its perfectly legit and understandable.

This thread touches on what you are saying.

Could maybe start a thread asking Sirius to either un-close a thread that is still useful or maybe to restart a dead thread open to new discussions with a link to the old thread so people could also read what was posted before on the same subject.