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06-16-2013, 11:43 PM
I am going to Post this twice, once here and once on a seperate thread... and while i may be completely wrong, id like my voice to be heard.

There are many games that work with black and white numbers... 10k Attack defeats 9k Defense... hands down,.. every time. Modern War is not one of these games, as much as everyone wants it to be, and only because most people are ignorantly in bliss do they allow it to be. Every Level, most players choose to completely ignore their Attack and defense stat. These stats, are a closely guarded formula that "Gree" keeps hidden, like Mr Crabs Hides the crabby patty formula. In my opinion These Stats Allow the game to break up the monotony of your basic statistic reading gamer and allow for VARIABLES.

The Attack Stat reads "Improves your chances when attacking rivals" in other words it applies a Random Critical hit chance. If you have a lot of points invested in the attack Stat any number of things may change within the formula 1.The hit % may increase. 2. The Dmg % may increase but either way SOMEHOW you are getting better chances at winning. With each attack or raid, you have the potential to deal more damage then the sum of all your units. In short... Stacking Attack gives you more chances to win within a reasonable bracket. There is no limit to the amount of points you can invest in this stat,,, so theoretically you can beat someone with 100k more defense, than your attack with enough points invested. Is this a black and white guaranteed win every time? No.. but its a chance. A chance i am willing to take to get more potential wins.

The Defense Stat reads "Improves your defensive strength to fend off rival attackers" Once again your looking at a variable. The Higher this number, the more chances you have within a reasonable bracket proportionate to your invested points, to win when you are attacked. (Ex.)Someone has.. 55k Attack.. and your profile says 45k defense... but your stacking 75 points in Defense... id almost put money on it, your base will survive at least HALF of the rivals attacks.

Defense Buildings, are clearly for Raids Only... and Only the buildings within the perimeter of the blue Circle are protected. This Number combined with your invested Defense points. CAN have the potential of giving you absurd defensive power against people who are within the same relative bracket. You can Overlap these circles adding even more defense to High income targets.

In Short, will the Attack/Defense Stat, and building Defense give you a Hackers Advantage? No. Will you be able to Attack someone ABSURDLY above your level and Ally A/d? No, And when he attacks you.. that same guy will blow right through those defenses. But with enough points invested, and i mean hundreds, its a completely different game instead of looking at a players stats, and trying to beat someone you already know you can win against... You begin taking bigger and bigger risks.. and have the potential to reap bigger and better spoils of war.

~ Violent

Strategy... 1. do you like PVE? And/or Huge Income bases? STACK DEFENSE and DEFENSE Buildings... 2. Do you prefer blowing through 50 stamina several times a day? Stack Attack.. and watch how much more often you win against guys you have no business beating.

Respectful comments appreciated... thanks

06-17-2013, 04:21 AM
Great post. Agree 100%. I have something like 120 attack skill points. And I often beat players whose defense stat is 20K-30K higher than my attack stat. Not always but enough to make me take the risk quite often.

Bottom line is that the Attack and Defense Skill points are YOUR chance to give you the advantage with the RNG (when the machine rolls the dice). Many games don't give you this opportunity. On the other hand, you have to do this at the expense of NOT growing your stamina or energy. It's a balance. Choose how you want to play the game and run with it in that way.