View Full Version : --->> New free war rotation!! Join a great group ***

06-17-2013, 12:14 PM
Please consider joining a great group - we have
players all over the map! 3 squads!
Ranks: 168, 212, 74, 88, 89, 134, 123
We dismissed inactive players and have a few open spots.

Minimum requirements are 50k WD points (for ACTIVE war)
that is mandatory as its only fair for the many gold players we have!
Minimum attack/defense 100k.
Minimum donation is 3 milly/day

bonuses are: ATT. / DEF.
INFANTRY: +10%/+20%
GROUND: +5% /+20%
AIR: +15%
SEA: +10%
Building Output: +10%
Defense Building:+20%
Health Regen: 26%
Guild increase : +(22) 44

join a commited group of people all aiming for the same thing
if interested, send a PM or request: Faction ID: 608450001
or email bluepunchbug@gmail.com

Due to event burnout and WD every 18 days - taxing to our gold players - we are all playing free in Poland!! We will lay the smack down on the following WD event. So we will not rank this high in Poland, but we don't mind as long as we get a small reward for our efforts Our families and bank accounts will thank us!