View Full Version : Come join my Syndicate: We need you...

06-19-2013, 03:57 AM
add me if you like : 403 530 490 lvl81

Join my Syndicate at : 443 084 587 I donīt add members under lvl 11, and I/We need members to donate to the Syndicate, so that we can get stronger...

06-23-2013, 02:41 AM
We still need members...

07-03-2013, 04:47 AM
We still need you...

07-24-2013, 02:18 AM
Please add : 213 880 600 and 619 425 575 and 403 530 490 active and high players

You can also join my syndicate we need you: 443 084 587

Thanks for your support :)

07-24-2013, 02:18 AM
When am I allowed to create a new thread?

07-24-2013, 02:20 AM
We still need you, and if your a longwolf then we donīt need you...

The Ninja
07-24-2013, 04:16 AM
Let's talk about. Merge? Pm me if your interested

Lifeless Zombie Killer
07-24-2013, 06:38 AM
How new is your syndicate? We are currently rebuilding our team and have all bonuses except the last gun bonus. We also have 20 or so spots open and scored top75 last war. Would you consider coming to our syndicate and bringing some people?