View Full Version : Finally our Kindle App is being updated

06-19-2013, 05:06 AM
For those who did not know I wrote Jeff Bezos president and CEO of Amazon an email asking him to do something about the MW Kindle app. After 2 days I received a reply that they would do something about it quickly. As most Kindle players are aware the app is not working and says new version is available please download it but we are unable to. I would rather have the app out of commission for a day or 2 that play the crippled version we were stuck with before. What good was the game with no LTQ or boxes. You couldn't upgrade your player and everyone else was passing us by. We were stuck in 1st gear and they are in overdrive. I have been playing this for 8 months and I have all boost buildings, loads of health, great IPH and my player is a joke. On one of my factions there is a guy playing one month who is level 82, 35k att and def, 100k iph with no gold spent. Its possible to improve your character on the Kindle but its really tough and you are not operating in a vacuum, other players are loading up on LTQ events and we are stuck with nothing. I am glad I wrote Jeff Bezos that letter and finally something is being done about this and if the game doesn't work for a few days so be it.