View Full Version : Roving Mercenaries And Valdara Recruiting NOW

06-19-2013, 04:52 PM
Top faction Roving Mercenaries recruiting

Health regeneration +30%
Building defense +30%
Infantry defense +30%
Ground defense +30%
Air defense +30%
Sea defense +25%
Infantry attack +10
Ground attack +10%
Sea attack +5%
Cash output +20%
Guild members 44/48

#101 Brazil
#114 Egypt
#157 China
#140 Ireland
#276 Columbia
#482 Madagascar
#97 Faction VS Faction Tournament

Recently dropped some deadweight and looking for strong active recruits for daily participation and hyper activity during WD campaigns and Faction Tournaments. We take great pride in our loyal and well organized community. All communications are done thru an outside forum. Website with great features was made available for all of our members.
We are looking for a min 100k/100k low lvl members, who score around 30k WD points and would like to be a part of a strong family.
We do not require use of gold, but overall most of our members take advantage of the opportunity to help the faction when needed by investing a little. On the other hand there are a few heavy gold users who we value for their utmost dedication to the community.

If by any chance you do not qualify for Roving Mercenaries, you may join our junior faction Valdara with strong LLP's to improve your stats, gain valuable experience from veterans with second accounts and in perspective to be transferred to our top faction.

Roving Mercenaries - 590371937
Valdara (Jr. faction) - 867627895

All candidates will receive due consideration.

Please PM me before applying with your unboosted stats, lvl, IPH, previous WD points or any question you might have.

Best Regards