View Full Version : Smirk Labs - for casual players

06-24-2013, 12:03 AM
My girlfriend and I are looking for more members for our guild Smirk Labs
This is for casual players who work/study and only play after hours or a few times a week.

If you want the guild bonuses but don't want to start/manage your own, you aren't on regularly enough, or you're not a high enough level for the other guilds, join us and let me do the work.

Any level is welcome but we do ask that you regularly contribute some gold to the guild - doesn't have to be heaps, but the more we all chip in the faster we get more bonuses :-)

Currently Level 19 with 6 positions open
Air: +5%
Water: +5%
Earth: +5%
Fire: +5%
Spirit: +6%

If you join I'll add you as a friend - Level 100+ with maxed Half-Dragon+, and Pyromancer+

We're a fairly active guild with lots of contributing members. Active on chat - if you have questions we'll help you out.

Search for "Smirk Labs" in the guild section (flaming sword icon).