View Full Version : Last push! We need you!

06-24-2013, 08:07 AM
Do you have what it takes?
We need two more! can YOU bring good WD points.

Our bonuses at GGD here's a list!
Casualty rate 18%
health regen 30%
ground att 25%
air att 20%
infantry att 25%
infantry def 30%
ground def 30%
air def 30%
sea def 30%
building def 30%
building output 25%
sea att 10%

Guild member increase 26

The funniest factions out there! We don't have crazy rules No outside forum and still placed 36th !! We need two more strong players that bring it! We are pushing to the next level top 25 or better! Come help us and reap the reward of being in a top faction!

Well organized with great leadership!

This group works hard and we enjoy our forum it makes me laugh daily ... to us it's about having fun because we believe if your having fun you do the work!

Challenge contest with the person donating the highest amount gets a $50 game card!

Include in your PM
1. Include your Attack/Defense
2. IPH-(Income Per Hour)
3. Level
4. Gold Usage
5. Average Battle Points in World Domination Events
6. Timezone
7. Your Game Name and Alliance ID


- Minimum of 100k+ points during World Domination Battles
- 100K+ attack and defense stats
- Minimum donations whatever you can spare
- Light to Heavy gold users recommend!

Only requirements is have fun and be active! our code 238644510


We placed 36 in Madagascar

PM me if interested