View Full Version : Top 250 faction looking to fill few slots..

06-24-2013, 09:17 PM
Health regen time -20
Infantry Def +20
Ground Def +20
Building Def +20
Infantry attack +5
Air Def +10
Sea Def +10
Building output +5
Guild member increase +12

We are called referee68 and we are looking for some dedicated players to join our faction..
Last war we were in 196th place.. Not bad for 32 members.. Our goal is set to go even higher.. We ask you to
Join our family with outside chat available, and great toys as well.. We ask our members to donate and all to be active
During wars and other events.. So if your ready and willing to get some 250 toys, join us without all the real money
Gold hassle or monster donations everyday..

Please post your iph and aa ad stats.. On here or Pm me directly.. Thank you.. Join a great faction for great toys before the next war!!!