View Full Version : Att to faction leaders - proposal to merge factions

06-25-2013, 06:06 AM
This announcement is mainly for faction leaders/officers, but individuals who are interested can still apply.

I am writing in the name of two factions, which joined forces two events ago to form a striker team and a second team with less stat/activity players. It paid off well with striker team both times entering top75 in Columbia and Madagascar (it's not a secret - we placed 58th in Madagascar, you can check us in the official table of results).

Before this merger, we were two veteran factions from Brazil (both in top100 for Brazil, Greenland, Egypt). Then both factions, like many others, faced the reality when heavy spenders left for top factions in top10-25. That's why the merger happened.

We are convinced we need to continue to consolidate our efforts with other similar factions, who are consisting from more and less active players, from stronger and weaker players, from gold spenders and free players. We believe that it is responsibility of team of officers to create as much uniform team for creating competitive and positive environment as possible.

That's why we suggest for faction leaders who have doubts regarding their faction future to consider merging forces. Put your most active players together with other active players - they deserve better prizes. Put your less committed players together with similar playing style players - they know they have a chance to get into striker team if they are ready to put their efforts for the team. And get rid of dead bodies.

Our factions are really well developed with boosts, but this is technical question. Show us what you have and let's choose the best option for majority.

We are veterans who know what to do and how to play. However we want to become even better. Join us in this mission. Don't ignore the fact that consolidation is a must.

Send me a pm here or better email me giedrius.mik@gmail.com

Individuals - you can apply for both our striker faction and secondary faction by contacting me.