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06-25-2013, 02:32 PM
We are still a growing faction of 20 and are looking for a few more active players to fill our guild increase.
We were a faction of 14 in madagascar and just slipped out of the top 1500 during the last couple wars. For that war we had a dl with 50k in stats, since then i put my main account back in this faction and now we have a dl with over 300k in stats. All active players are welcome but i would like to see stats at least 5k to 10k and higher
We have a outside chat set up to help with battle coordination.

Bonuses so far are
20% inf. Def.
15% ground def.
5% air def..
15% building def.
14% health re gen

Once again all active players are welcome as we too are a growing faction.

If interested faction # is 586 044 869
all requests will be accepted as soon as possibl

06-25-2013, 05:09 PM
Still a spot left and can buy another guild increase if needed

06-26-2013, 06:50 AM
2 days left

06-26-2013, 10:13 AM
A lot of recruiting going on now, dont take long to get knocked off first page. Our growingguild faction fought with 14 last battle and all stayed for the next one. We are up to 19 now and with a guild increase we have room for 3 more

06-26-2013, 12:43 PM
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06-26-2013, 03:50 PM
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06-26-2013, 08:38 PM
Times is running out

06-26-2013, 10:29 PM
Bought another guild increase, room for 2 more

06-27-2013, 06:12 AM
1day to do

06-27-2013, 10:30 AM
24 hours left, lets get a couple more

06-27-2013, 01:27 PM
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06-27-2013, 03:26 PM
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06-27-2013, 09:09 PM
Times running out for poland stil have or will make room.for a few.more

06-28-2013, 04:54 AM
Hey i m interested 611736717 thanks would fetch atleast 5k points