View Full Version : Making a serious run at Top 100 2 spots available

06-25-2013, 06:57 PM
ATTN: The 'F-BOMBS' - Has 2 openings for dedicated motivated gamers who want to achieve a Top 100 spot.The last time we fought with our current roster we placed #165. Since then we have gotten additional bonuses and increased our guild by 10. Our only requirements are participation & communication...especially during WD. Also a donation percentage is owed to the faction which equals out roughly to the the amount you get from our cash output bonuses. The right candidate will join groupme and communicate well in a team environment. We have a mixture of gold & non-gold players but we don't require it. It doesn't matter what level or how high your stats are to us as long as your strong for your level & very active. If your looking for a tight knit, well organized, successful Faction to call home please contact Nico at:


Please include the following info:

Your modern war game name

Alliance ID code

activity level

attack & defense stats - unboosted

Ally count - (we require 500)

Income per hour

Sending this email is considered an application to our Faction. Only the committed with a desire to achieve need apply. All applicants will be reviewed and if accepted you'll be sent an invite.


Health Regen Time -26%

Ground Attack +5%

Infantry Attack +5%

Infantry Defense +30%

Ground Defense +20%

Air Defense +20%

Sea Defense +10%

Building Defense +20%

Building Output +15%

Guild Member Increase +22

Next Objective: Top 100

Faction Leader: Nico