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06-26-2013, 03:52 PM
Justice League of America has a few spots to fill. We placed 344 in Madagascar. 5 straight battles of improvement and climbing the ranks for us! We're just looking for a few folks to round out out team. We like to kid and joke, but we want everyone to pull their weight! If you're tired of sitting during battle and complaining about the guys at the bottom not getting their hits in or communicating, we're your team!

Looking for team players who like to cut up and are willing to not only download third party chat app, but USE IT. Minimum daily donation of 2 million, but more is encouraged. We require active participation in battle, unless preapproved for furlough. Also be willing to adjust allies to fit our strategy. Other than that, we're an easy going bunch. But most of us are hourly players, and we seek the same. Ideally a candidate will have greater than 100k stats unboosted. Or 1k per level for those under level 100. this is a guide. We have a few players under this. Activity level is most important! Also looking for folks from across the globe to fill in our night crew.

Current bonuses:
Health regen: 26% max
Infantry attack: 5%
Infantry defense: 30% max
Ground attack: 5%
Ground defense: 20%
Air defense: 15%
Sea defense: 10%
Building defense: 20%
Building output 15%
Guild increase: +22

Pm if interested with stats and time zone.

06-26-2013, 05:13 PM
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