06-27-2013, 12:47 PM
Hi soldier, pretty soon it's time for a new war and we are already polishing our armyboots. Our faction placed 76 th place in Colombia and top 100 in all previous PvP-events. The same with the one that just finished. We have always been rewarded with a some heavy sh*t war machines at every occasions. And now it's time to catch some new rewards. Are you interested to extend your arsenal with some shiny new war-equipments? If you are, join us. We have expanded our guild and now have a free slot for strong active players. We have a great team of mostly Brittons and Americans and Scandinavians but also some great players from Asia in the team - we are building a superb 24/7-team. Right now we are searching for US-based players. If you are member in a faction right now you maybe hesitate to switch - well you shouldn't - we have all the bonuses you could ask for - we are almost maxed out in every one. By the way: we are light-hearted, easy going and fun team with a very active forum discussing strategies and also having a lot of laughs. Ok, enough talk, send a request right away. We are N66, NineteenSixtySix. Faction-code: 116 899 596

Good luck in Poland guys...


06-27-2013, 01:26 PM

Code: 910 997 576
Level: 60
Allies: 422 (but currently adding more)
Attack 53,261
Defence 55,235
IPH: $146,397

Additional Information:
- Have Text+
- Have GroupMe
- Communicate in English
- Available every day and every hour except when I sleep.
- Living in USA timezone

Why I'm looking for a new faction?
My old faction became unorganized and had no coordination during the battles. There was zero communication on who to attack and who to avoid. It was very frustrating, so I'm looking for a new well structured faction to join. I play Crime City too, so I already know what to do in the faction battles.