View Full Version : Brawl Event vs Sydnicate war

06-29-2013, 08:40 AM
*I'm not comparing the items, because that is determined by Gree*

But who here like the brawl event format a lot better?? You can battle whenever you want (not controlled), you can track your progress both individually and as a team.

To be honest, I think this should be the go-to event for Gree to make some cash. Make the prizes amazing and people will spend TONS of cash.

06-29-2013, 08:48 AM
It's pretty damn exhausting. At least in syndicate wars, I only need to participate in like 6 battles to put up a big score. I've been brawling for like 20 hours straight and I'm not even in the Top 50. Or maybe I am, I haven't checked recently.

06-29-2013, 08:50 AM
has to be brawl.

06-29-2013, 08:55 AM
I agree it's very exhausting but i would new syndicate bonus to be added Brawler coins same as influence points

Why this event is better than war
1) With a war all members get dragged into war unlike this tournament give players like myself few other a choice without dragging our whole syndicate to the battle
2) You can earn coins by robbing as well attacking with war only choice is attacking
3) You get goal prizes along the way unlike war prize only awarded at end

06-29-2013, 08:58 AM
problem with syndicate wars is that you have to keep members on track and not let them start war very freaking second + you have to do the maths after.

06-29-2013, 09:24 AM
Or you can just be in a syndicate that battles 24/7. :D I believe we fought 60 battles last war.

06-29-2013, 09:40 AM
i would vote for brawl if they fixed the massive amount of bugs in it.

as it stands, i vote for syn war.

06-29-2013, 09:54 AM
The emphasis on stamina would alienate a lot of players, where as wars give health bars everyone can almost equally function on. For this reason alone they will not do this. I am all for having this type of event once, maybe even twice each cycle. Its enjoyable because my preference is attacking, rather than doing missions.

06-29-2013, 09:58 AM
is this an apple/ios thing only

06-29-2013, 10:00 AM
is this an apple/ios thing only

nope it available on both

06-29-2013, 10:41 AM
nope it available on both
dam really im getting the fight X amount of people one but not one that has to do with my syn

am I just thinking they are one in the same or different

06-29-2013, 11:00 AM
I vote for brawl. individual rewards are the best.

06-29-2013, 03:09 PM
Unfortunate GREE has the only vote that counts. And syndicate wars chew up gold like nothing else.

06-29-2013, 03:44 PM
I cant waste a whole weekend on a game on my phone. good luck to those that can!

06-29-2013, 05:24 PM
OP makes a good point but these Brawl Events are much more exhausting than Syn Wars especially if your Syn has a timing different than once every hour.

06-30-2013, 09:23 AM
OP makes a good point but these Brawl Events are much more exhausting than Syn Wars especially if your Syn has a timing different than once every hour.

It depends.

if you are the type of person who likes to have a non-fixed schedule, Brawl is much more flexible. And that flexibility is what I like

also love the fact it reward people for their individual contribution.

06-30-2013, 09:31 AM
if they're going to run this as often as they do in MW, im going to stop buying comsumables and start banking again. my low iph can't support both, in addition to LTB.

06-30-2013, 02:13 PM
I love the brawl event