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06-30-2013, 05:18 AM
I run a spreadsheet of the units I bring to battle, which up until the end of Madagascar was pretty close with what my profile said, however after Madagascar my stats went up a lot more than I calculated, especially defence.

I had the formula how it was posted here ie, all the multipliers get added up ie, for example someones air defence could be:

say 100k raw stats, to make calculation easier
and boosts (again, easy to work with numbers)

Building: 20% Composite Factory
Building: 10% Airship Hanger
Faction Bonus: 20%
Units: say 20% total bonuses
Country bonus: 10% (we'll make it Russia)

so it was quite simple, add the bonuses up (80%) add it to the base, for 180%, multiply it out and the air defence contributed 180k to players defence score.

After madagascar my stats went up more than expected, especially defence, after playing around for a bit the following formula seemed to fit best, using the same stats as above:

100k raw stats, building boosts get added up (30% total) and their effect multiplied by the raw stats (so 130% X 100k = 130k

Then the faction bonus is multiplied in 20% here, so 120% X 130k = 156k score so far

Then the unit bonus and the country bonus is added in, giving us 30% total, this is multiplied in, hence
130% X 156k = 202,800

Note that the bonuses of similar type are added together, then that category is multiplied, rather than each bonus multiplied out, and the country bonus is included as an 'invisible' unit.

This caused my predicted stats to be within 0.2% of what my profile stats

I am wondering if anyone else that runs a spreadsheet has worked out similar, or maybe found a formula that fitted better? There are other combinations I haven't tried, I just stopped when one was fairly close.

06-30-2013, 07:00 AM
I would love a formula that expalins the points I keep getting, or lack of them... The correlation between level, attack vs defence, skill points, position of the moon, intensity of sun spots, oh, and gold etc!