View Full Version : Im looking for Top100-Top500 Syndicates Free Player

06-30-2013, 06:33 AM
Level : 40
ATK : 40k
DEF : 45k
Mafia : 500+

i easily made 20k ip last war without ip bonus .. very active

pm me if you want me.. and if you have a communications apps. i will download it to communicate each other..

07-04-2013, 01:01 AM
(DIL)RoccoDaRottie ...930-032-149. Leader of DILLIGAF... ADD ME!

You happy with your syn? DILLIGAF (Do. I. Look. Like. I. Give. A. F.?) Do you have what it takes...? has 10 open spots and ALL bonuses MAXED so only require brick donations... 99th in the last pvp event (with only 48/60 members). Consistantly 100-150 in all wars.
DILLIGAF- 961-730-655

09-11-2013, 02:29 PM

I am in your synidate but lost my phone!!!! can you look on my profile and get me my invite code, i need that to get back in the game.

my game name is Sean

09-12-2013, 08:32 AM
We are currently Looking for active new members. We ranked 447 last battle. Here are our bonuses

🌍🌎LaND oF THe MiSFiTS🌍🌎
✅Maxed 💀Melee Defense💀
✅Maxed ⚠Building defense⚠
✅Maxed 🔫Gun defense 🔫
✅Maxed 👥Respect👥
✅Maxed 🔐Car defense🔐
✅Maxed 🔒Armor Defense🔒
✅Maxed 💰Building Output💰
✅Maxed 💣Explosive Defense💣
✅Maxed 🔨Attack🔨
5/5 💰Job Payout💰
4/5 🔨Melee Attack🔨
5/5 🔋Hideout Health 🔋
2/5 💣Explosive Attack💣
3/5 👀Hideout Damage👀
2/5 💥Car Attack💥
1/5 🔫Gun Attack 🔫
1/5 💪Influence Increase💪

We have a great group of friendly members. We use Palringo as our main communication and require everyone to join and communicate on events.

We also ask that everyone donate 2x ur iph to help us achieve our next bonus. We also require everyone to make atleast 10k ip in battles. If you are interested in joining a top 500 syndicate pushing to make top 400. Come check us out at LaND oF THe MiSFiTS.