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07-01-2013, 07:48 PM
We are an eclectic adult group of players with a great sense of humor. Many of us are actual S.E.C. fans and alumnae but we welcome members from all over the planet. We use an outside chatting app and are extremely social. We have a lot of fun with auto correct in the app so the war factory upgrade became our whore factory and ran with that joke. If you are an adult that is tired of your current faction because it just isnít fun or doesnít feel like a family I hope you will hear me out.

We have a great and active core group of guys that are active but we have some dead weight that are keeping us from the top 500. I know everyone wants to be in a top 250 team so it is tough to recruit players below that but let me offer a few reasons why this might be a good move.

As I already stated we have a lot of fun socially. Letís face it if this game was simply about collecting pixelated tanks and planes most of us would have stopped playing long ago. The social and friend aspect is why most of us enjoy playing and we offer that in abundance.

We are very serious players and understand how to play and have a great strategy and system in place. We also are not a-holes or demanding by giving you orders like you are an actual private in the military. We treat each other with respect and do not tolerate drama or insults but encourage good humor and having fun. We understand this is a game after all and needs to be fun to be engaging and keep you interested.

Here is what we are looking for besides the obvious aspects of being active. Someone that has an attack and defense score that measures up to their level. So someone at level 50 should have around 50K+ attack and not 10K. But pretty much all levels are welcome as long as you stats match your level. Whether you are new or a veteran you are welcome. Gold is completely optional and up to you. Donations depend on your IPH but are expected to help all of us with bonuses.

PM me if interested and include your Attack/Defense and level and your Game Name and Alliance ID.

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Bumpily bump bump

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I'm a level 52 with a/d 48k/54k, iph 200k and play several times a day. I'm willing to donate 1 million daily. My last faction didn't have much of a fighting strategy or fight often, so I was only able to do 10k points. With a good faction I could do a lot more since I play all the time. I'm looking for a new team that I can grow with. Would I fit into your team?

I should warn you that I may not technically qualify as an adult, but I like to think I'm mature beyond my years.

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Hi Snipe. I will send you a PM

commander wyatt
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We just bought a guild increase today so 2 spots open for a really great group of guys and gals looking not only for an active team but a very fun team with social interaction in chat as a huge part of why we all enjoy playing. Without the social aspect of factions let's face it we would have all probably stopped long ago. We can't offer you top 10 prizes but I guarantee you we can offer you some of the liveliest, funniest, and friendly chat room of any faction. We use Palringo which is free and available for iOS, Android Windows phone as well as a native OS X and Windows app for the computer for our chat. Our only requirement is you be active during wars, donate a reasonable amount based on your IPH, and have fun. Join the SEC family today. We need 2 new members. Thanks!

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PM sent......

commander wyatt
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We filled one but still time for one more before war begins. Not looking for a short timer, looking for someone that will join our team for the long haul as we keep growing and placing higher every war.

07-19-2013, 07:55 AM
Just a few hours left to join a faction

07-22-2013, 10:51 AM
We did very well considering several of our top players are on vacation and several more were dead weight. We are about to fight our last battle and try and maintain a top 500 finish but it will be close.

We will have room for several new additions as soon as the war ends. All we ask is for players with a good personality because we like to joke around and have fun. Your level is not that important just have stats that match your level. So for a level 35 player have an attack of 35K or higher and for a level 120 player have 120K or higher. If you are close, that's ok too because we help our members improve with lots of good tips.

07-22-2013, 01:58 PM
Thanks for all the requests guys, just approved 2 great new members. Welcome to our faction! and we still have a few more spots. With our new members a top 400 finish in Canada is all but assured. We have improved on average 75 ranks higher every war.

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One spot left......we are now set to go deep below 500

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Still looking for that one

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Still needing that one

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One spot open

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