View Full Version : Looking for a faction to merge with us. 9 spots available

Danny boyy
07-02-2013, 12:36 AM
We are a faction just recently made, we ranked in the top 4000 last WD, we have 9 spots available! and have plenty of bonuses they're

💊-14 health regen 💊💊
💣💣+15 infantry defence💣💣
💣💣+15 ground defence 💣💣
🏢🏢+15 building defence 🏢🏢
✈✈+5 air defence ✈✈
Guild member increase +4

We currently have 15 active and committed players, who donates daily! We ranked in the 4000 last WD and all we ask is you donate daily and participate in WD.

And we have over 3000 concrete!! Activeness and communication is a must! So either msg me on this or just join! 432954702