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07-02-2013, 11:45 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been part of a team I joined back about 5 wars ago and with every war we have gotten stronger and now we really want to make a push for top 250. We got top 400 last war and hoping to bring in some more active people to help us climb. We have space for about 10. There are a bunch of us with secondary accounts and can make room for people to join us.

These are our following bonuses:
Health Regen time -23%
Ground Attack +10%
Infantry Attack +15%
Infantry Defence +30%
Ground Defence +25%
Air Defence +15%
Sea Defence +10%
Building Defence +25%
Building Output +15%
Guild Member increase +22 (will be upgrade shortly)

Out team is a very active team outside the game and inside the game. We have an app that we use to communicate called kakao talk to organize and discuss strategy. We currently have a mandatory 2 mil donations daily but this might change.

So if your part of a small team and you and some members are looking for a strong faction with better bonuses think about us.

We have been in the top 400 for 4 battles now and want to go even further. If interest either PM me for more details or send an invite:

Takn M Down
Faction ID: 333095723
My ID 124445744



07-03-2013, 12:38 AM
The Unsullied SSS, Top 500 faction, Top 400 PvP events Brother team to Top 25 The Unsullied, looking for a few active players Minimums: 80k stats, 500k IPH, or GOLD USER (in WD events) Faction Code 387 562 988

07-03-2013, 02:27 AM
Why do you hijack the thread? Easy to make your own.