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07-03-2013, 04:56 AM
Top 150 team

Looking for a top 150 faction? Tired of strict rules and high donation minimums? Want to be part of a team where the game is still fun, not work?

High Aces wants you!

Compare our benefits to yours:
Casualty rate: -18%
Health regen: -26%
Ground attack: +20%
Air attack: +15%
Infantry attack: +25%
Sea attack: +15%
Infantry defense: +30%
Ground defense: +30%
Air defense: +30%
Sea defense: +30%
Building defense: +30%
Building output: +30%
Guild member increase: +34 (54 total)

We are a consistent top performing team:
183 in Columbia,
189 in Madagascar,
78 in most recent tournament of factions.
130 in Poland with 2,369,948 WD points!

We currently have an opening if you have the right stuff:
- Alliance Attack/Defense minimum 200k
- willing to donate 15% of cash income and all concrete
- during wars, follow the team battle plan (very important)
- very active during war events, minimum 15k points
- at least 25k points in faction tournaments
- review message board daily between wars, very frequently during wars
- want to meet some new friends, where everyone participates
- spending gold is not a requirement, but many do and would be a bonus

We're not real hard core and demanding, but we are a fun and competitive bunch! If you would like to be an active, contributing member of our team, please message me directly with your A/D and typical war points.

Come join the crew!

High Aces faction invitation code 859033047.

07-03-2013, 01:48 PM
The position has been filled. But if anyone has interest please ally to me and let me know so I can inform you if a spot opens up.

Good fighting!

- Snipe