View Full Version : !~Top 300 faction~!

07-04-2013, 04:51 AM
Hey All,

We have 6 openings in our faction. Great group of people around and lots of bonuses to avail. Requirements?? There is no minimum donation requirement. But we do expect the applying candidates to be:

1. good-humored
2. active
3. communicative
4. team player

We need to mention that you must participate actively in wars and must put at least 30k WD points (easily achievable) on the score-board.

Use of gold at your will.

Consistently climbing faction:

991 in Ireland

803 in Colombia

544 in Madagascar

305 in Poland

Groupme app is mandatory!

Do send me a private message if you're interested and if you're going to stick for sometime. People looking for flings, keep away!